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Clementoni Puzzles Buy [PORTABLE]

Puzzle Warehouse is your one-stop-shop for jigsaw puzzles! We offer a variety of piece counts from just a few pieces to over 6,000. We also carry various types of puzzles including 3D puzzles, shaped jigsaw puzzles, and glow in the dark jigsaw puzzles. Want a puzzle image with dogs, fine art, or candy? You can shop by theme and browse through everything from Christmas jigsaw puzzles to gradients! With thousands of puzzles in stock daily, there's a perfect puzzle waiting for you at Puzzle Warehouse!

clementoni puzzles buy

Clementoni (Italy) jigsaw puzzles - are jigsaw puzzles of high-quality guaranteed by Italian company Clementoni established in 1963. For over 50 years, the company offers various toys for children of all ages and it is rightly considered as one of leader of internation children goods market. Clementoni jigsaw puzzles are released in several lines, the most popular jigsaw puzzles are reproductions of paintings by famous artists, such as Renoir, Klimt, Mucha, Kandinsky, van Gogh, Michelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli. Also, jigsaw puzzles with famous landmarks, animals, landscapes, etc. are available. Clementoni jigsaw puzzles always provide wide selection by amount of pieces: one can start with 200 pieces or ... 13,200!

Ravensburger puzzles are not your usual grid-cut puzzles. It all comes from a hand-drawn puzzle template, giving each puzzle piece a unique character. Even in a 1,000-piece puzzle, there really are 1,000 differently shaped pieces. Says one of its reviews on its website, "Pieces have funky lines versus exactly straight. Not too many basic two-knob, two-hole."

If you wanna be eco-conscious while playing with puzzles, then this is your brand. Clementoni puzzles use 100% recycled and non-pollutant materials making them sustainable and friendly for the environment. Their boards are made from recycled post-consumer waste. They use acid-free paper and inks with no petroleum additives in all their products.

Aside from their wide selection of puzzle images, Heye also offers unique puzzle packaging. Their boxes come in square, panorama, triangle, and vertical forms which makes for creative storage when placing them on shelves. You can buy their quality puzzles in Amazon for $21.

Clementoni produces jigsaw puzzles with iconic paintings from many of the great masters, such as Degas and Da Vinci, as well as breathtaking photographs of land and cityscapes. In addition to creating a line of jigsaw puzzles with elegance and attention to detail, Clementoni jigsaw puzzles also use recycled and other earth-friendly materials in their commitment to the environment. 041b061a72


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