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Why Me [Ongoing] - Version: 0.2.7

Toshiba t100Android worked well on this setup0.2.7 three versions tried, all fail. The first version just gives a blank screen, the other two versions give fatal error.Any chance of a link to 0.2.6 ?

Why me [Ongoing] - Version: 0.2.7

Hi Zoltan.I have installed 0.2.7 and with usb it works fine with my Canon 5D III. But with the TP-Link 3040 V2 it dont works. DDServer OpenWrt MR3040 V2 Factory 0.13 is installed. Connection with my mobil phone is ok. When i push DDServer in the APP i can see a reaction on the bilinking LED but i always get No DSLR device found on DDServer at for any idea.Franz

Thanks for this great app! Im trying to get it working with my Canon550D and my SG2 (stock ROM) via USB. I use and cant get it to work constantly. After a few shots the app seems to loose connection to the cam. Do you advise to install another ROM (Omni e.g.)? Could this be the problem?

HiI updated to version 0.2.8 with iPad and iOS 5.1.1, but does not start instant crash. The same as 0.2.7 does not change anything. Not usedThe 0.2.6 was OK.You can make a downgrade to 0.2.6?Thanks

The player editor is really half-finished in 0.2.7 -- I wouldn't recommend using it yet except to play with animations. There isn't a way yet to trigger modifiers from player actions, but I'll be adding that in an update soon(ish).

@ladybugYes, please send me send me the .png. The loading code does a lot of converting properties from older formats, and it's quite likely I missed a few things. So even if you get it working in 0.2.7, it would be useful to check what went wrong with the legacy loader.

This week, version 0.2.6 is going free, and Supporter versions 0.2.6 and 0.2.7 will be available for patrons of their respective tiers (read the whole changelogs here and here). Version 0.2.6 introduced the first equipment objects, and version 0.2.7 is bringing a lot of flavor for them. Today I'll be explaining these new features as they exist in the latest version, so don't be surprised to find that some of them aren't yet present in 0.2.6. Keep in mind that these updates bring a few other changes that won't be mentioned in this post.

  • Highlights (TL;DR):Auto migration of Crop keyframes from 2.5.1 projects (adds a crop effect and sets the equivellent keyframes). 100% backwards compatibility.

  • Title Editor: TAB between fields

  • Fix Windows drive letter regression, where saving projects on a different drive than the assets would cause corruption. 2.6.1 will also repairs any corruption detected in *.osp project files.

  • Fix many broken language translations (pt_BR, sk, lt, ko)

  • Updating many language translations to 100%:Afrikaans

  • Chinese (Simplified)

  • Danish

  • Dutch

  • English (United Kingdom)

  • Gaelic; Scottish

  • German

  • Japanese

  • Polish

  • Russian

  • Spanish

  • Chinese (Traditional)

  • Turkish

  • French

  • Improved language translation testing scripts, and adding automated tests to fail GitHub PRs loudly if translations are broken

  • Protection against many uninitialized variable errors, reported by

  • Silenced a loud thumbnail server warning

  • Prevent a divide by zero error on video preview resizing

  • Updated credits and contributors

  • Bumping version to 2.6.1 (minimum libopenshot 0.2.7, SO 21)

  • openshot-qt Changelog (Version: 2.6.1)11f8e505 2021-09-04 Jonathan Thomas Bumping version to 2.6.1, min libopenshot version to 0.2.7 (SO 21) HEAD, origin/release-20210904

  • 8ef41550 2021-09-04 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #4389 from OpenShot/language-update-sep-4-2021 origin/develop

  • 1ab16fb2 2021-09-04 Jonathan Thomas Updating contributors and supporters

  • a0998894 2021-09-04 Jonathan Thomas Updating all language translations

  • 16c8d8e9 2021-09-03 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #4387 from OpenShot/auto-migrate-crop-properties

  • 5deec3db 2021-09-03 Jonathan Thomas Auto migrate crop_x, crop_y, crop_width, and crop_height properties from OpenShot 2.5.1 projects into the new 2.6.x crop effect. This should restore cropping to 100% compatibility to OpenShot 2.5.1 projects.

  • 443585a4 2021-08-30 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #4373 from OpenShot/updating-translations-aug-30-2021

  • 24ab71bc 2021-08-30 Jonathan Thomas Updating translations

  • a94c526b 2021-08-28 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #4367 from OpenShot/prevent-zero-division

  • bc8916f6 2021-08-28 JacksonRG Merge pull request #4366 from OpenShot/repair-project-files

  • 9a9c4ad6 2021-08-28 Jonathan Thomas Fixing unused calculation origin/prevent-zero-division

  • b2d9585c 2021-08-28 Jonathan Thomas Avoid dividing by zero when resizing app/video widget

  • 35724498 2021-08-28 Jonathan Thomas Creating a backup of possible 2.6.0 windows drive letter corruption, compiling regex, and updating original file during the project open.

  • 861a2b85 2021-08-27 Jackson Remove blank line

  • 09951ec1 2021-08-27 Jackson Moved regex to read file

  • 4238b0a5 2021-08-27 Jackson repair project files with invalid json for paths

  • 1d8a8d77 2021-08-27 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #4365 from OpenShot/protect-export-screen

  • e4debc92 2021-08-27 Jonathan Thomas Fixing an uninitialized variable on export screen (caught using Sentry) origin/protect-export-screen

  • e87734d9 2021-08-27 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #4364 from OpenShot/protect-recovery-process

  • f83109de 2021-08-27 Jonathan Thomas Also silencing the thumbnail 404 error logging (which currently is sent to Sentry for no real reason)

  • 6a93b2f1 2021-08-27 Jonathan Thomas Protect recovery process from missing project file (i.e. a user deletes the current project file in the file system... while the auto-save system is still running). Also reduce some logging in the asset folder detection.

  • c42d2f5f 2021-08-27 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #4362 from OpenShot/protect-bounding-box

  • fc9af3ba 2021-08-27 JacksonRG Merge pull request #4361 from OpenShot/fix-path-bug

  • 8180f8e5 2021-08-27 Jonathan Thomas Protect against invalid items passed into setBoundingBox

  • 1c5dfe89 2021-08-27 Jackson save paths as valid json

  • 4bd27e0a 2021-08-27 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #4360 from OpenShot/fix-broken-languages

  • 2c08a0ad 2021-08-27 Jonathan Thomas Updating translation resource file, to actually fix the 4 broken languages

  • e1c46972 2021-08-26 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #4355 from OpenShot/translation-github-ci-adding

  • 0d8cb102 2021-08-26 Jonathan Thomas Merge branch 'develop' into translation-github-ci-adding

  • 3224f9bd 2021-08-26 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #4354 from OpenShot/updating-broken-translations

  • 34bfc7eb 2021-08-26 Jonathan Thomas Adding translation testing to our GitHub actions CI... to make language translation failures more visible.

  • a38ff7eb 2021-08-26 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #4353 from OpenShot/fix-translation-tests

  • 4aae19ed 2021-08-26 Jonathan Thomas Updating broken translation placeholders and updating translations since release of 2.6.0

  • 2358119c 2021-08-26 Jonathan Thomas Fix translation testing scripts to actually work! This caused our 2.6.0 branch to use invalid translations, oops.

  • 466d3118 2021-08-26 JacksonRG Merge pull request #4351 from OpenShot/title-editor-tab-switching

  • 13c7b627 2021-08-26 Jackson Switch to next text field on tab press

  • 5468a9a7 2021-08-25 JacksonRG Merge pull request #4345 from OpenShot/merge-master-2.6.0

  • 8403607c 2021-08-25 Jackson Merge master 2.6.0 into develop

  • ee4e20c6 2021-08-25 JacksonRG Merge pull request #4344 from OpenShot/release-20210819 origin/master

  • 6e636e82 2021-08-25 Jonathan Thomas Fixing a max length error on deploy/publish script with GitHub API, and adding better errors for GitHub specific issues.

  • libopenshot Changelog (Version: 0.2.7, SO: 21)5987878 2021-09-04 Jonathan Thomas Merge branch 'release-20210904' of into release-20210904 HEAD, origin/release-20210904

  • 4106f1f 2021-09-04 Jonathan Thomas Bumping version to 0.2.7, SO 21

  • 82498b2 2021-09-04 Jonathan Thomas Bumping version to 0.2.7, SO 20

  • 5a8ffe3 2021-09-03 Jonathan Thomas Merge pull request #724 from OpenShot/improved-crop-effect origin/develop

  • 5f91ddc 2021-09-03 Jonathan Thomas Reversing y_offset direction to match previous OpenShot crop behavior

  • f9e5db6 2021-09-03 Jonathan Thomas Adding an X and Y offset to the current crop effect, to better support previous clip crop parameters (for migrating crop options from OpenShot 2.5.1 to OpenShot 2.6). Also refactoring the crop effect, to actually copy the pixels into a new image buffer.

  • d58febf 2021-08-26 JacksonRG Merge pull request #718 from OpenShot/default-crop-border-of-zero

  • fc05893 2021-08-25 JacksonRG Merge pull request #721 from OpenShot/merge-master-0.2.6

  • 569b591 2021-08-25 Jackson Merge master 0.2.6 into develop

  • 3275251 2021-08-25 JacksonRG Merge pull request #720 from OpenShot/release-20210819 origin/master

  • 928c37b 2021-08-23 Jackson set default crop border to 0

  • libopenshot-audio Changelog (Version: 0.2.2, SO: 8)d588dbd 2021-09-04 Jonathan Thomas Bump version to 0.2.2 (SO still 8) HEAD, origin/release-20210904

  • 5ec3bc2 2021-08-25 JacksonRG Merge pull request #135 from OpenShot/merge-master-0.2.1 origin/develop

  • 6225e19 2021-08-25 Jackson Merge branch 'master' into merge-master-0.2.1

  • a73ba47 2021-08-25 JacksonRG Merge pull request #134 from OpenShot/release-20210819 origin/master

  • af98548 2021-08-21 Frank Dana Merge pull request #131 from ferdnyc/fix-need-asio

  • 66d707a 2021-08-18 FeRD (Frank Dana) Ensure NEED_ASIO is always set



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