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UPDATED Crack Online Napoleon Total War Trainer

The following Napoleon: Total War cheats, and the PC trainer that activates them, can be used by all players who own the retail version 1.0 of the cracked game, and should be tested only while playing the game in the single-player mode.

Crack Online Napoleon Total War Trainer

[This message has been edited by Ischenous (edited 03-24-2009 @ 01:45 PM).] Sanjar Legionary posted 24 March 2009 13:46 EDT (US) 2 / 8 I'll delete the game and reinstall in that case. But really, it shouldn't be an issue. It's just so you don't have to use the cd. And I'm still able to play online. So for other people they are able to control their archers to shoot at specific target? pinguin333 Legionary posted 24 March 2009 14:49 EDT (US) 3 / 8 Are you giving orders to your archers as a group or individually? Apparently, when ordering a group of units they pick their closest enemy, but when you give orders to an individual unit it will attack what you told them to attack. MagmaLord Legionary (id: darkdude) posted 24 March 2009 15:23 EDT (US) 4 / 8 Wasn't there a TWH forummer who wrote an article on the legality of copying disks and using backups (which the CD crack essentially is)? I can't seem to find it... Andalus Legionary posted 24 March 2009 17:43 EDT (US) 5 / 8 SanjarUsing or discussing CD-cracks is against the Code of Conduct which you agreed to when you signed up. Please check your email.Quoted from the Code of Conduct:

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