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yes my micro sd is fine. i just cannot install the dlcs even after they are downloaded even when using pkgj. games r working fine. i dont have the addcont folder anywhere on vitashell. i think thats the problem but i have no idea how to fix it.

You searched for triangle В» Socigames | Download Games Crack

Hey friend! I hope this gets to to you. Im using a original memory card and have a tai folder in ur0 and ux0. The ur0 has the adrenaline psp emu and the ux0 the vita games itself. I downloaded some games and they have a work.bin in package that im assuming is the license. But when I refresh it says 0 items, im also have the nodprm.thing in both config text of ur0 and ux0. In what did I went wrong?

I have legal game and legal dlc. I just want to download the high school years dlc from the updater. If I download it, will my game and other my legal dlc be cracked? (sorry for my bad English, please help)

Your anti-virus blocked the crack in the folder Game-cracked.1.Switch off your anti-virus2.Download Game-cracked.rar3.Extract the downloaded .rar file with Winrar4.Copy the extracted folder Game-cracked to your installation folder of the legal The Sims 45.Run the updater on your legal file, check the missing packs GP09, GP12, SP22, SP36 and SP376.Switch your anti-virus on7.Put the legal folder under the exceptions of your anti-vius 041b061a72


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