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Starting with chef-client 11.11.0 and going forward the omnibus and Windows builds have been using the gemspec version of the Omnibus gem rather than the root gem. This was done to reduce the size of the omnibus gem by removing unused files from the omnibus gem and also to prevent git-style layout problems with the omnibus gem. In chef 12.0.0+ the Omnibus gem contains all versions of chef-client that Chef supports, so you no longer have to 'git checkout' the omnibus gem to work with a specific version. With chef 12.0.0+ you can switch between versions of chef-client by switching Gem sources in your chef-client gem itself.

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The first versions of chef-client released under the GPLv2 license. This was merely a relic of the times when many projects were still using a good old fashioned compilation method of building code. The GNU autotools suite was the typical solution, with the GNU gettext suite, wget and others being shared around and used on many projects. With chef-client version 1.5.0 we have moved to the MIT license to better align with the rest of the code used by Chef. Chef-client releases are now unmaintained, and no longer update to chef-client 12.0.0.

SERVER_IP = "" PORT = "8000" COOKIE_DOMAIN = "" NAMESPACE = "my-kubernetes-namespace" AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID = "my-aws-access-key" AWS_SECRET_KEY = "my-aws-secret-key" Bit Che 35 build 51 Serial Key keygen The (non-graphical) chef-client npm package has been also been renamed to `chef-client-cli`. We use this to reference the cli package when building and coding chef-client from source. See for details on how to submit a PR for cli.


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