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Micro-CT vLab: Micro-tomography (micro-computed tomography or microCT) is a method of non-destructive 3D x-ray microscopy, which allows the users to create 3D models of objects from a series of x-ray projection images, similar to the conventional clinical computer tomography. The MicroCT Service will offer a collection of virtual galleries of taxa which will be displayed and disseminated through a web-based framework, and will allow the user to manipulate the 3D models through a series of online tools or to download the datasets for local manipulations.

Each time a model was run, the data set was randomly divided into a training set (2183/3118, 70.01%) and a test set (935/3118, 29.98%), thus creating a unique allocation of SMS text messages to the training and test data each time. Each model was assessed and compared for determining if health professional review was required (ie, binary variable of yes/no; Figure 1). In addition, we assessed and compared each model that supported multiclass classification (Gradient Boosted Trees only supports binary classification) for its ability to correctly classify the SMS text messages into the 12 categorical variables as listed in Table 1. Each model was run 5 times on different random splits of the training and test data sets to validate the accuracy of the results.

For the primary outcome of determining which SMS text messaging replies require a staff member review (binary outcome of yes/no), a binary classification evaluator was used to calculate accuracy using the area under the receiver operating characteristics curve (AUC), the rate of true and false positives, and the rate of true and false negatives. For the secondary outcome of the accuracy of the ML program to classify the SMS text messaging replies into the 12 categories, a multiclass classification evaluator was used to compare each model for accuracy, precision, recall, and F1 score.

The sample of this study comprised predominantly older cisgender women in long-term relationships with men, and therefore this study could not explore the experiences of younger women, women who are not partnered, queer women and non-binary or transgender persons with cervixes and vulvas.

This assignment makes use of the Binary Tree Demo from class. To use these definitions for your assignment, download the Tree.scm source file into the same directory as your hw2.scm file. Include at the top of your file: 041b061a72


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