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Agfa Photo Printer Ap 1100 Driver Windows 7

On the right-hand side of the printer are four sockets for the power supply, USB 2.0 connection to a computer, S-video connection to a TV and a PictBridge socket for plugging in a camera. On the other side are four slots, covering all the major types of camera memory card, including SmartMedia, a format largely left behind by photo printer makers.

Agfa Photo Printer Ap 1100 Driver Windows 7


Bizarrely, each photo pack comes with its own miniature smartcard, about the size of an SD card. You have to slot the smartcard into the back of the printer and have the printer read it, before the new consumable can be used. This certainly ties you into genuine Agfa ribbons, which we guess is its main function.

Based on Dye Sublimation technology, your Photo Printer offers the same ultra-reliable quality you have come to expect from a Photo Lab. And thanks to the protective coating, your pictures are highly durable, water and fingerprint-proof. You can trust your memories to last forever with digital photo printers.


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