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Iq View 3d Serial Key

Iq View 3d Serial Key - How to Get It and What It Can Do

If you are looking for a powerful and versatile DICOM viewer that can handle 3D image processing of CT and MRI studies, you might want to check out iQ-VIEW/PRO. This software is developed by IMAGE Information Systems, a leading provider of medical imaging solutions. iQ-VIEW/PRO is a radiology workstation that can be integrated into virtually any RIS, EMR or HIS available on todays market. It also offers specialty readers interfaces to further image analysis tools, such as 3D post-processing and orthopedic templating.


One of the most impressive features of iQ-VIEW/PRO is the optional add-on iQ-3D, which equips the workstation with all common features needed for the 3D image processing of CT and MRI studies. With iQ-3D, you can perform Multiplanar Reconstructions (MPR), Maximum Intensity Projections (MIP), Minimum Intensity Projections (MinIP), Volume Rendering (VR), Surface Shading (SS) and Curved Planar Reconstructions (CPR) within seconds on a desktop computer. You can also adjust the window level, contrast, brightness, opacity and color of the 3D images, as well as rotate, zoom, pan and crop them. You can also export the 3D images as JPEG, BMP or AVI files, or print them directly from the software.

To use iQ-VIEW/PRO with iQ-3D, you need a valid serial key that activates the software license. The serial key is a unique alphanumeric code that is generated by IMAGE Information Systems and sent to you via email after you purchase the software. The serial key is required to install and run the software on your computer. Without the serial key, you will not be able to use the full functionality of iQ-VIEW/PRO and iQ-3D.

If you want to try out iQ-VIEW/PRO with iQ-3D before buying it, you can download the evaluation version from the K-PACS & ConQuest Forum . The evaluation version is limited in time and runs 15 days as a PRO evaluation version and afterwards additional 15 days as a BASIC evaluation version. The evaluation version also includes the iQ-LITE media viewer, which allows you to create DICOM CDs or DVDs with embedded viewer. The evaluation version of iQ-3D is also available for a 30 day trial period. However, keep in mind that the evaluation version is not a medical device and shall not be used for diagnostic purposes .

If you are interested in buying iQ-VIEW/PRO with iQ-3D, you can visit the official website of IMAGE Information Systems and contact them for more information on pricing and ordering. You can also find more details on system requirements, software installation, administration and maintenance, as well as user documentation and support in their website.

iQ-VIEW/PRO with iQ-3D is a state-of-the-art DICOM viewer that can help you visualize and analyze 3D images of CT and MRI studies in an easy and efficient way. If you are looking for a reliable and professional software solution for your radiology needs, you should definitely give it a try.


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