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10 Must Things Everyone Should Do With A Brand New IPhone

Then what? Here are our suggestions for the first seven things you should do with your iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro. And if your iPhone 14 is your first experience with iOS 16, you should know there are lots of excellent new features to try out there, too!

10 Must Things Everyone Should Do With a Brand New iPhone

I had the similar issue, my iphone13 brand new phone setup took 12 hours, still not completed. I have to restore every thing. This is seems very bad user experience, since activating a new phone taking more than 12 hours, I tried twice so far. I know all the required setting like WiFi every looks good. First I tried with Data transfer assuming that it works smoothly like Samsung device, unfortunately Iphone13 not worked at all. I had to restore and started fresh. Lets hope without data transfer it will work this time.

Hi Axel - Is there any easy process for Iphone activation? I don't know why activation is so much complicated and taking hours hours (sometimes more than 8 hours and multiple attempts as well) compared to Samsung whre activation process goes very smoothly. Can u do activation first and then SW upgrade later on ? In general brand new phones comes with latest SW that time, so when customer brought an Iphone, it may be little older, not years old SW, then that should work fine for activation process. Later on you can upgrade any new SWs. I hope brand new Iphone does not come with a very old SW which is not compatible. We have faced this issue when we got our brand new IPhone11. So this seems like there is issues in the activation process of Iphone. Once phone is activated, Iphone is definitely much better product. Please help the customers easy activation process to save our time. I spent lot of time in just activating the phone itself, which I never spend with any other Phones.

I've discussed this with http, and we'd like to introduce a new rule. Once in a while, we all come across that time where somebody makes a bunch of consecutive changes (editing pages, uploading files, moving pages, etc.). It hinders everyone's ability to go through the recent changes to see or monitor newly-added information, and clogs up people's Twitter timelines. Therefore, http and I want to introduce a rule: be reasonable with the amount of changes you make in a day. I think about 20 changes per hour per user should be good. Of course, exceptions can always be made; simply drop a note explaining why ahead of time. Obviously, actions like reversing vandalism can be overlooked. Failure to abide by this rule can result in a warning (first offense), a one week ban (second offense), a two week ban (third offense), a month-long ban (fourth offense), or a permanent ban (fifth offense). Thoughts on this? I want to stress that this is just a proposal at the moment. This has not been made into an official rule yet. --Dialexio 19:50, 16 July 2011 (MDT)

Since lithium-ion batteries vary in capacity (within acceptable manufacturing tolerances), factory calibration makes sense. Not every brand-new iPhone battery is exactly the same; thus, Apple must establish the 0% to 100% range through calibration.


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