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Ice-dyed linen (by fellow poster, Nancy!) turned out to be a cool-as-hell top. Beginner sewer here who followed the Fabrics-Store tutorial ( and loves the result! Will be making more!


Email: Phone: 718-960-8616 Office: Music Building, Room 413 Office Hours: By appointment requested via email Rank: Assistant Professor Degrees: B.A., National University of Cordoba, Argentina; M.A., Ph.D., The Graduate Center, CUNY Agustina Checa (she/her/ella) is an ethnomusicologist working at the intersection of popular music and media studies. She studies music technologies, material culture, value, and the infrastructures that sustain independent music in South America. Her current work builds on years of multi-sited ethnographic research with independent labels that produce and circulate cassette tapes in Argentina. Checa has been a participant of indie music scenes for a decade, mostly in her capacity as a journalist and music critic for various outlets of indie music and culture in Latin America, such as Indiehoy, Revista Maple and Deodoro magazine. She has worked alongside independent bands and record labels in the US and Argentina. 041b061a72


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