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these models can then be used for design and pavement condition comparison as a first line of evaluation and control. furthermore, the models could be used for comparison of different pavement conditions.

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to maximize the opportunities the lcms data provide, the road surface models and texture analysis is a powerful tool to help in the optimization of the road surface characteristics data collection. this new approach provides a way to tag collected data with a highly accurate gnss-ins system to measure both road surface condition and to generate a survey grade accuracy terrain map of any road surface.

at the same time, a new laser crack measuring system (lcms) is used for 3d terrain profiling and, to support the laser scanning system, a laser distance meter (ldm) with a range of 500 m is also used. the laser scanning system emits a large number of narrow laser beams at a high scanning rate (up to 25 hz with a 5 mm beam diameter) and a small range of measurement (1.5 m); a gnss (global navigation satellite system) localization system is used to precisely locate and geo-reference the measurement points. using an advanced control, data are automatically acquired and analyzed by a network server for the real-time visualization of the measurement results. after a short period of testing on a regional scale, the first high-resolution 3d road data set is now being delivered to state government agencies.

to obtain a road network quality benchmark, a combination of aerial photography, video and gnss gps tagging is used for a layer-based digitization of the road network. using a multibeam scanning system, digital 3d representations of the road network are created, which are then compared to a reference database. with the iqrn3d methodology, data collected on four consecutive years (between 2015 and 2018) have been evaluated at a national level. these data include elements such as the quality of construction of the national road network, the quality of its permeability, the traffic volume and speed, and the overall condition of the network. however, the ability of laser scanning to capture the quality of roads has not been assessed previously.


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