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Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy (Official Video)

The video definitely dwells in stereotypes in its tragic depiction of gay life and its scenes of misery, violence, loneliness, and family rejection, but these scenes also reflect the reality of being gay in Reagan-era America or Thatcher-era England. MTV ignored this reality until the early 1990s. This video explores a range of issues of interest to gay audiences: the threat of violence, the erotics of everyday life, the importance of friends, difficult family dynamics. Despite the stereotypes, the video humanizes gay people in an unusually authentic way. It not only shows that gay people exist, but that gay people suffer from multiple levels of prejudice. It conveys a sense of realism that MTV videos generally avoided. Yet ultimately it figures out a way to be upbeat, a significant accomplishment during the peak of the AIDS crisis.

Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy (Official Video)

"I love that song and video so much. Jimmy was such a trailblazer. He was the first visibly gay pop artist singing about gay stuff I was really aware of. Plus, he loved synthesisers and beats too! More would come later but at the time it was pretty mind blowing."

The official music video for the song had lead singer Jimmy Sommerville approaching a man that he is attracted to at a pool on a dare from his friends. Later, after visiting a pub, the three men are chased by the man from the pool and his friends, and Somerville is beaten up because he is gay. 041b061a72


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