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Road to Riches v2 (ENG 2010) Free Download: A Complete Guide

247. Though we are good and obliged to fight for our human rights and for a number of personal interests, we are also called to pursue a broader purpose which is to show love towards one another. We need to act so as not to upset the basic order of the cosmos, and so as to really benefit people. If our methods call for another weapon than the sword, for an instrument of war other than a gun, the question we should ask is: How can the word of God do more good than a bullet? [176] Such a question will oblige us to feel responsible for all of our brothers and sisters. If we take seriously our solidarity with others, we will not hesitate to apply the wide language of social protest to the necessities of our fellow human beings.

Road to Riches v2 (ENG 2010) version download

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116. I congratulate the students of Theology for their great fervour in their preparation for this mission to which they are called. I commend the directors and teachers of their studies and encourage them, as well as their supervisors and future supervisors, to appreciate the great 'road to Riches' with which the students are entrusted, and to foster the same spirit of adventure in their own preparation. We must prepare future generations of teachers and pastors who are capable of leaving nothing unturned to enable the church to expand as she goes forward. Theologians, as stewards of the entire church, must always have in mind the goal of bringing about a deeper appreciation of the Church in a world that is becoming increasingly secularized.

That all men have a right to enjoy freedom does not mean that, while some suffer from poverty, others have to suffer too. Without making inroads into the fundamental values of their being, the poor are enabled to build for themselves a moral and physical environment worthy of human dignity. It is a great good that these people are not in need, and thus cannot be in need of aid.


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