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FULL Livewire PCB Wizard BETTER

PCB Wizard is an outstanding tool for PCB design and layout creations. This software is enabling users to have single and double sided PCBs. The software is very easy to use because of its user friendly interface. It has a board layout capability along with schematics capture and automated PCB placement of components. It has an auto router as well which makes working very easy for user. It can also be integrated with other simulation software through livewire or control studio 2 etc. This software also allows to acquire bill of material (BOM) as well.

FULL Livewire PCB Wizard


Drawbacks of auto routing:1.It is automatic so if there is anyproblem arises we can not correct it.2.If we want to design the PCBin systematic way it is not possible with auto routing.3.We cannotadjust the size of PCB.4.We cannot remove the jumpers. ManualRouting:The following steps are involved in PCB design using manualrouting in PCB wizard:Step 1: Open the PCB wizard.Step 2: Take acircuit board from toolbar.Step 3: Drag the components likeresistor, capacitor etc into circuit board which we want from PCBcomponent gallery.Step 4: Using zoom we can easily make layout.Step5: To join two components take a copper track from toolbar. Forselecting various components we have to follow variouspaths:Insert->PCB component1. Resistor: passivecomponent->resistor 2. Capacitor: passivecomponent->capacitor3. Switch: input component->switch4. LED:output component->LED (standard)


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