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The NC Natural Heritage Program distributes two shapefiles, updates of which are provided quarterly in January, April, July, and October. Scroll to the bottom of this page for downloadable GIS files and the corresponding links on the Help page for shapefile attribute information. Shapefiles are available for:

Conservation Planning Tool (CPT). CPT assessments are a means for synthesizing and sharing the priorities of the state's conservation agencies and organizations with planners in government and the private sector to inform decisions and guide conservation efforts statewide. Four assessment datasets are available for download at the bottom of this page:

Federal, state and local government agencies are exempt from fees, as well as nonprofit agencies who use the project review tool and/or Natural Heritage Element Occurrence data to establish nature preserves. All other individuals and organizations will be required to pay fees to download shapefiles of NHEOs.

From this site: Index of /Distribution/sonar-scanner-cliDownloaded: sonar-scanner-cli- downloaded: downloaded:

Oddly, the ZIP file itself was the only item that had a different sized download based on the browser used. The checksum files themselves (albeit simple text files) are all the same regardless of the browser used.

We are facing intermittent failures while acquiring packages during deployment in few environments having 50+ deployment targets. There are 26 packages being acquired on these machines. During few deployments, package acquire fails for random package, while same package downloaded successfully on other machines in same deployment.

We have noticed that in such errors, the package file is present on the machine where it notified to be failed, but the size of package is not correct and the package file is faulty. to fix the error, we have to manually delete the file and re-try the deployment. We have found idle timeouts errors on our feed endpoint logs, though there is no network contention or IOPS issues. There should be some better error handling instead of runtime error. May be addition of logic to delete the corrupt package and re-try (like we do in case of normal timeout to fetch package from feed endpoint). We will also like to get some help in to understand about the idle timeouts if possible, ideally if package file is not downloaded completely, the file name should be different indicating download is not complete, thats not the case in these errors.

Usually package size is greater than 100MB. But we have multiple such packages and it fails randomly for 1-2 servers out of 50+ and for rest it downloads perfectly. As soon as we delete corrupt file, we are good for re-acquire. I am suspecting number of requests to feed within short time period is culprit. With max parallel package acquire set to 100, occurrence of failure was frequent. After reducing it to 50, frequency has reduced.

The root of the issue seems to be a timing problem where near simultaneous downloads attempt to pull a still-downloading package from cache rather than from the source. The fixed was applied to all versions 2020.5 and later.

It's getting time to wrap up this beta. We've made some minor fixes, skin support updates, and polished some GUI resources. If nothing major shows up within the next couple of weeks, this version is good for release!Mac: Sonic Charge Microtonic.dmgWindows: Sonic Charge Microtonic Win.zipThis update will mess up positioning on custom skins that were made for the previous beta. Make sure you download and use the latest skins. To make it easier, we have a test version of the official skin installer ready, including a "brand new" skin!Mac: Microtonic Skins.dmgWindows: Microtonic Skins.zipIf you've created your own skin, read about the graphic resource changes here. The .mtskin config file has also been replaced by a .scskin file with a slightly different format.update: new downloads in post below...Tom Mosler 2021-06-30T05:47:54ZThank you. Legacy - so cool :)Manuel Senfft 2021-06-30T07:57:14ZSeems to work here on my end. Thanks for the update. The legacy skin, haha. :D Unfortauntely I wasn't on board back then, but it looks funny. Still looooving the dark skin, though. 041b061a72


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