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It is clear that in a discussion of present day problems, private property must be considered, and a chapter on this is found in this volume. The emphasis of the chapter, and the material in it, is best made evident by one of the questions at the conclusion. Each chapter is supplemented by a set of topics for student discussion, and the last discussion problem on this topic of property is, "Show that private property and democracy are inseparable."[3] The chapter itself is summarized on page 63 as follows :

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Anyone at all familiar with the concept of stereotypes will at once recognize that such words as predatory, hold-up, guerrilla, and revolutionary are certain to raise prejudiced pictures of trade unionism in the minds of immature boys and girls. It may be safe to label unionism in this manner for maturer college students (as one or two economists have done in their writings) but even here the use of such highly colored words is questionable. Certainly their usage is not justified in high school texts ; certainly the authors would never dream of labeling business concerns in the same manner.

Finally, in discussing certain phases of Russian problems, there is reference to "two able and unscrupulous leaders, Lenin and Trotsky." By the use of the word unscrupulous an unjustifiable connotation is raised in the students' minds, not only concerning the men themselves, but relating to the entire Russian situation as well. No impartial and mature scholar will admit that we know enough about Russia as yet, nor its leaders, to brand the country or the men at the head of it in such derogatory terms.

These examples cited from these three recently issued text-books by no means exhaust the material that might be called to attention. It is not the main purpose of this article to attack these, or any books, as such. The purpose here is to show the need for care in gathering and presenting material on social and economic problems to secondary school students so that they may not have false and unwarranted beliefs on the many topics they will be called upon to consider in after years. It must not be imagined that it is being charged here that the writers of these books are deliberately deceitful or consciously propagandizing. No such contention is raised. It is merely being pointed out that possibly through carelessness in phraseology, haste in writing, or lack of research, these authors have printed material that may well be, in fact will almost certainly be misread in the classroom ; have printed material that to the impartial observer seems calculated to bias immature students; have printed material and presented it in a way that is certain to prejudice youthful minds in favor of certain points of view, and to make them react against other points of view. These three volumes make evident the dangers that the newer methods of teaching civics introduce, and through their shortcomings should serve as warnings of the need for care in marshalling social and economic data. The fact that the books may be innocently prejudiced in no way alters the case. Innocent misstatement and misrepresentation work as much havoc as deliberate propaganda. 041b061a72


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