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One Ok Rock - Vandalize (Audio)

One Ok Rock rose to international fame with their 2012 single "The Beginning" from their sixth album JinseiBoku=, which led them to concerts and music festivals outside Asia. Following the success, the band started to release their later albums in two versions (Japanese-English and full English) with 2 to 3 different tracks in each version. Their seventh studio album, 35xxxv, became their first album which charted on US Billboard. It peaked at No. 11 on Heatseekers Albums,[16] No. 43 on Independent Albums,[17] No. 23 on the Hard Rock Albums,[18] and No. 1 on the World Albums Chart.[19] The band's eighth album, Ambitions, debuted at No. 106 on the US Billboard 200[20] and international charts while incorporating more arena rock and pop-rock. In 2019, the band adopted a more electronic and pop sound on their ninth album Eye of the Storm. In 2022, they experimented with more rock-centered sound while still incorporating modern pop-rock for their new album, Luxury Disease.

One Ok Rock - Vandalize (Audio)

The band toured with Waterparks and Stand Atlantic in a headlining North American tour during February and March to support "Eye of the Storm".[135] They also supported Ed Sheeran on the second Asian leg of the Tour throughout April and early May,[136] and performed a headlining tour in Europe throughout the rest of May, with support from dream pop band Anteros and producer Dan Lancaster.[137] One Ok Rock played a short U.S. tour of Oregon, California, and Mexico during July,[138] during which they also played the Vans Warped Tour. Rock band Weathers served as support during this tour. One Ok Rock performed an arena tour of Japan from September 2019 to January 2020.[139] In March 2020, the band toured Australia with American pop rock band Set It Off and Australian pop punk band Stateside serving as support.[140] The band was set to finish their tour with an Asian leg spanning from April to July 2020. However, on March 17, 2020, the band announced that the tour dates would be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the shows ultimately being cancelled.[141]

One Ok Rock's influences are Linkin Park,[158][159][160] Foo Fighters,[158][160][161] Good Charlotte,[159][160] Ellegarden,[160] and the Used.[159] The group's initial idea began when Yamashita wanted to start a rock band and invited Kohama to join him. Good Charlotte's influences are seen on their first album, Zeitakubyō; while the Foo Fighters' influences can be seen on their second and third albums, Beam of Light[10][162] and Kanjō Effect.[11][163]

In their sixth album JinseiBoku=, they expressed how this album was influenced by Linkin Park's and Coldrain's screaming and yell-rapping. Their seventh album 35xxxv, was produced along with producer John Feldmann. The album managed to reach first place on the Oricon Album weekly ranking, making it the first time the band had reached the top of the list. And, in addition, it was the first One Ok Rock's album to be released in a separate English language international edition in addition to the Japanese version.[164] Their eighth album Ambitions also topped the Oricon Album weekly ranking, and incorporated more pop-rock.[164]

The band was formed in 2005. Their emo, rock-based sound, and aggressive live performances have been popular with younger audiences. Since their debut in 2007, they have been very active with their live performances, primarily performing at musical venues nationwide and summer festivals. They have performed at Budokan, outdoor stadiums, large-scale arenas during nationwide tours, and more. In 2016 they held an outdoor concert that attracted 110,000 people, and in 2018 they held a nationwide tour that included two days at Tokyo Dome. ONE OK ROCK has signed contracts with Japanese and overseas labels, released several albums, and completed a world tour of America, Europe, and Asia, establishing itself as a global band. They released the album Eye of the Storm in February 2019. They were also chosen as the opening act for Ed Sheeran's Asia tour. In October 2020, they held their first online live performance from ZOZO Marine Stadium. In July 2021, they held their first acoustic live performance, showcasing a new side of the band. They will release their latest album, Luxury Disease, on September 9, 2022, almost three and a half years after their last work.

Listen to a sample of Sonic Frontiers' upcoming ending theme with ONE OK ROCK's song, "Vandalize"! SEGA has partnered with the popular Japanese rock band to deliver an astounding and fitting track to be paired with Sonic for his latest journey on the Starfall Islands.

Original article [Wed 7th Sep, 2022 01:05 BST]: We've heard some of the sounds from Sonic Frontiers, but what about the music? Sega has today unveiled the game's ending theme song will be 'Vandalize' - the newest song from rock band One Ok Rock.

@Maulbert I'm with you. At first I was thinking, "Songs decent, vocals are a bit weak..." And then it kicked into full rock mode and it was just grating. It's a good thing that the main theme is something you generally skip past anyway.

If there's one thing most Sonic fans will agree on, it's that the series features consistently good music. Whether that's 16-bit earworms like Chemical Plant Zone or the Japanese butt-rock found in later titles, there's plenty to like about the audio landscape of SEGA's most enduring franchise. It seems Sonic Frontiers won't shy away from this either; the ending theme for the game has been revealed, and it sure does sound like it belongs in a Sonic game.

The problem with Wikipedia ultimately is that anyone at all could edit it. There are some people who are just malicious. They register with a random name, vandalize some pages, and if they get banned they could just register with another name. IP blocking doesn't work because

These are some technological deterrents that could be built to minimise wasted efforts, but the greatest solutions are still the social ones. Real names rock. How serious are you about it Larry? --Grant Sparks 07:21, 26 February 2007 (CST)

2018, the year of extremes, as I call it, will be struck out of our calendars in a matter of a few hours. Whilst everyone is busy having a great bash and is letting go of 2018 with great pomp and circumstance, as I type this sitting on my bed, I would want to end the year with a seed of hope, a hope that would fuel me just enough to live through the next 365 days. The last set of 365 days was one helluva ride, at one point I saw rock-bottom and at the other I was on cloud ninth. 2018 gave me just what I was yearning for and then took it back wryly.

This taught me the art to be patient and further wrought my belief that even with the smallest seed of hope the most mountainous of goals can be attained and the most insurmountable odds can be overcome. People around you will say things, not one, not two, but a hundred of things. When you have dreams and desires that awe you to an extent that you hear your bones crackling inside, it is then that you get the grit to achieve them. You will be mocked, you will be rejected, you will be pulled down, you will be berated, you will be exiled from the societal ethos, your beliefs and your dreams might as well be crushed to dust but what will stay untouched, unmoved, is your hope and your determination. Hopes never get shot down because they are ironclad. Hope is the most immutable product of the mind's maze and the heart's home. You can tear down an entire universe to its shreds but what you cannot even as much as touch is hope. And there's this beautiful thing about hope - the greatest of hopes have always stemmed from the most wrecked hearts, hearts that have been vandalized by life and time. 041b061a72


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