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Love Hostel YIFY !!HOT!!

Recently I picked up Hostel at my local movie store and decided to give it a try. I finished watching it and had very mixed feelings. First off, this film is not nearly as gory and disgusting as advertised. It is although, very graphic, and NOT for the squeamish, I just expected more out of it. The pop-up scares aren't effective and the first half of the movie is all soft-core porn. So what makes this movie a decent horror movie? The physiological scares. That is what got to me. The overwhelming feeling of being tied and up and tortured to death. Having no escape. For that was very effective and stomach curdling. The sex and nudity was all not needed, but for people looking for that kind of stuff, it's all here. The acting was pretty good. No bad performances. Hostel is a kind of movie where you'll either love it or hate it. But overall, an OK horror film. Not my favorite, but not terrible.

Love Hostel YIFY


Although sometimes way too slow-moving and not as involving as it should have been, this film was almost a "keeper" in my collection.The story was different, and I liked it, about an artist producing a fake Rembrandt. Jason Patric, an interesting and underrated actor, played the role on the con 'artist,' so to speak. Appealing-looking Irene Jacob, played the female lead. She was likable, unlike Patric's character.There are some interesting moments in this film, particularly for those who love art. There also are a few nice shots of Jacob that should please most male viewers. Overall, nothing that super but decent and worth a rental. It's different, I'll say that.....but don't expect a lot.

It's not as bad as I'd expected. It's one of those British crime dramas in which people walk around in Saville Row suits, visit Paris and Spain at will, and drive Jaguars -- and the plot centers around a fake Rembrandt painted by Jason Patric, who is double crossed by a couple of co-conspirators and aided by art expert Irene Jacob.The sociologist Dean Maccannel, in his book "The Tourist: A New Theory of the Leisure Class", has a delightful anecdote about a group of young American tourists in the Louvre or the Prado or someplace, noticing that a number of paintings were designated as having been executed by P. ignotus, Latin for "painter unknown." The kids loved P. Ignotus's work, rushing from hanging to hanging, exclaiming, "Oh, here's another one by Ignotus!" This has nothing to do with the movie unless I want to squeeze it in by saying that I was reminded of Maccannel's story by an argument the fakers are having near the beginning of the film. The production of this fake has taken a long time and Patric has not signed it as Rembrandt van Rijn. The others (who are supposed to be art experts) want him to sign it so they can be sure they'll palm it off as the real thing. But Patric knows (as they should) that not every artist signs every one of his works, Rembrandt included. Without the signature it is less likely to be obviously faked. (I think Michelangelo signed only one of his works, La Pieta, although flamboyantly.) It's kind of interesting to watch Patric fake the painting. Looks convincing enough to me, and I once won a prize for window painting in the 8th grade. The rest of the movie -- with the thieves and murderers in pursuit of Patric and Jacobs -- is kind of routine, with one or two scenes very redolent of Hitchcock. But there's nothing spectacularly WRONG with it. It simply doesn't seem too original and hasn't much in the way of sparkle.Except for Irene Jacob, the art expert who falls for Jason Patric for reasons that escape me because he looks quite ordinary. SHE doesn't though. I think it was Anthony Burgess who remarked of a chapter in James Joyce's Ulysses that "it may be gibberish but it's English gibberish." Something like that could be said of Jacob's face. She has even features but they are distinctly French even features. She has deep unripe-olive eyes, is not glamorized in any way, but is nevertheless striking, like the girl in a senior high school class that was only available to the captain of the football team. She has a slender modelesque figure with matching breasts. Badham, the director, is tasteful enough to have her disrobe on camera.The film ends in a trial which is pretty tense and enjoyable, although not in the slightest believable. On trial for murder, Patric has a chance to prove his innocence by reproducing the faked Rembrandt in court, which he can do in a jiffy. One afternoon, in fact. He is well on his way to succeeding, to the dismay of the prosecution and the satisfaction of his counsel, when he stops, throws his palette down, and refuses to go on because "Only Rembrandt can paint Rembrandt." Faking someone else's painting hasn't bothered him a whit before and, man, does this epiphany come at the wrong time.No matter. It's kind of enjoyable. Worth watching if it comes up but not worth working for.

I honestly don't know what to feel about this film, it's so weird.The story is, well, I don't even know what the story is. I really struggled to follow what was going on, there's some sub plot thing going on about a women who ran off with a man and deserted her best friend, at a time when her daughter went missing to apparently join some weird cult or something, errm, that's about all I could get from this.It's just scenes of these 2 women talking and doing random things like smoking, cooking eggs, sleeping and these are intercut with scenes in a cave of some old hag with puss dripping out of sores all over her body, a weird deformed henchman with a metal eye, thats shoots people for some reason and random badniks who just show up to kill people.People come into the film, have a few lines of dialogue and then are randomly murdered for no reason, you don't even know who half of these people are or what they're supposed to be doing there, they just turn up to be killed, it's so bafflingly odd.OK, let me get this out of the way, this film is gory as hell with some admittedly great and ridiculously over the top gore effects, some of them are so real and vile looking that they made me feel queasy, and I love torture porn movies like Saw and Hostel, trust me, this makes those look like episodes of the Telly Tubbies.There's exploding heads, smashed and crushed faces, torso's ripped open, faces stabbed and sliced off, eyeballs being squashed out of heads, it's gruesome beyond belief, but it just has no plot or story, it's so paper thin that it just comes across as an excuse to show off the gore effects, it's just scenes of people being killed and tortured with no explanation why, it gets a bit much after a while.The film itself is a complete pile of of something brown and slimy that I'm not allowed to say here on IMDB and I'd happily give this 1 star, it's pointless, boring, makes no sense whatsoever but......I have to give it props for the gore effects that are, for the most part, really well done.If you just want to watch loads of people getting beat up and murdered in disgusting ways, you may get something out of this but it was too much for me, there were no characters or story to invest in and after a few kills even the effects got too much.1 star for the film itself and 3 for the effects which obviously had a lot of work put into them.

The latest horror film from producer Eli Roth, who also has a cameo appearance playing, you guessed it, a clown. CLOWN is a film almost entirely bereft of ideas and originality. The whole storyline is that a guy transforms into a demonic clown. The problem with this is that it's just not significant or involved enough to sustain a feature length film, which is why it worked much better when I saw exactly the same storyline in one of the stories in anthology horror film SCARY OR DIE.CLOWN has a low budget, grungy look and the lack of money is often apparent. The lead actor, Andy Powers, contributes a passable performance, but his character is never for a moment likable or interesting outside of his affliction. The reliable Peter Stormare (FARGO) is much better but limited in support. There are thematic links to the likes of THE FLY, but for the most part this is just an excuse for the infliction of pain in lots of mild gore scenes. Sure, there's the odd imaginative idea here and there - I love the rainbow brain splatter - but they're lost in a mire of inanity and sub-par film-making.

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