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Free Infographic Templates !!LINK!!

By far, infographics are one of the best ways to connect with your audience on a whole new level, leveraging the best that social media has to offer with a delivery mechanism that cuts right to the core of what people are actually looking for. Visme was built from the ground up to be more than just another infographic creation tool. It's a drag-and-drop infographic solution filled with hundreds upon hundreds of stunning editable infographic templates and thousands of free infographic elements that, together, give you the most solid foundation to use to build something truly remarkable for the people you're trying to reach.

free infographic templates

No longer do you need to be a graphic designer with years of experience under your belt to design captivating, compelling infographics in a fraction of the time it used to take. Regardless of what type of data you're trying to visualize or even what type of story you're trying to tell, Visme lets you harness the full power of data visualization to your advantage with a program that is easy to use right from your very own Web browser.

Choose from over 40,000 icons with thousands of diverse options to reflect a range of skin tones and cultural backgrounds. Browse over three million high-quality, royalty-free photos and add an extra layer of professionalism to any design.

Simply choose an infographic template that catches your eye and customize it to suit your needs with our user-friendly, drag-and-drop editor. Come back weekly to explore new templates and find what you need, every time.

Once you make an infographic, you have options. Collaborate with your team by sharing an editable link to your design. Get feedback through annotated comments, right in Venngage. Or, skip right to distribution! Once your infographic is ready to go, share it online or download it as a high-resolution PNG, PDF or interactive PDF.

With millions of daily users around the world and hundreds of new, research-backed infographic templates added to our collection monthly, Venngage is the perfect solution for busy professionals who need to create, without the headache

Get inspired by our gallery of 230+ unique infographic templates. At Piktochart, we value quality over quantity. Each infographic template was carefully crafted by one of our experienced communication designers. Our designers ensure that the templates you find on Piktochart are based on proper research and accurate data and follow the latest information design trends. Once you select the template you like, you can customize it with the perfect photo, illustration, or icon found in the graphics library within the Piktochart editor. From timeline infographics to comparison infographics, survey results to health research, Piktochart offers professional infographic templates that save you valuable time and allow you to become a pro infographic maker.

Make engaging infographics by adding images, icons, illustrations, and gifs with the drag and drop editor. Pick from a library of free images and visual assets to create an infographic that stands out or upload your own images.

The hard part, of course, is finding time and resources to create these infographics. That's why we've created fifteen fully customizable infographic templates that will give you the inspiration and foundation you need to build your own infographics right in PowerPoint or Illustrator.

Use these infographic templates to present data for your next meeting, promote an offer on social media, or in your next blog post. Visual information is becoming more and more popular -- and now you have the resources to easily create this visual content.

Its dream of every presenter to get applauded for his/her presentation. So, if you are keen for making presentation remarkable, then these infographic PPT templates are specially designed for you. With the assistance of these Infographic designs, you can represent everything in a better and sophisticated way. From entrepreneurs, start-up owners, project managers, business gurus, consultants, educators, medical professionals, and professionals from every sector will find these infographic designs very helpful.

Moreover, whatsoever presentation tool you using like Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, Apple Keynote, Adobe Illustrations, our infographic templates PowerPoint are compatible will almost every presentation program. The best part of these presentation templates is you can easily format the slides in any format, whether you need PDF file, Word, and so on within just a click, you are set to go.

Statistical infographics make use of typography, charts and graphs to present research, facts and figures in a visual way. This helps make data look more interesting and easier to digest than a bunch of plain numbers or tables.

Map or location infographics can be used to display local, national or global data and statistics. You can color-code the map to highlight different regions, and even make them interactive by adding hover effects, links and animations.

Location-based infographics make excellent visuals to add to your blog posts, reports and presentations. You can also use them as solo graphics and share on social media to drive engagement and traffic.

Employers receive hundreds of resumes at a time and only a handful of them manage to stand out from the pile. If you want to take your resume to the next level, consider creating a visual resume infographic.

Resume infographics offer a refreshingly new take on the standard infographic style. They make use of visualizations like radials, progress bars, icons and arrows to illustrate skills, interests, experiences and more.

Do some research before creating your infographic. Find out what kind of topics will appeal to your audience and what questions they might have unanswered. Search to see if there are any existing interesting visuals or infographics on the topic.

Make sure you use as many visuals and as less text as you can. One way to do that is to replace or supplement subheadings, labels, captions and other text in your infographic with icons, illustrations or images.

Make a successful business presentation with The Free Infographic Flat PowerPoint Template. It is an awesome and flexible PowerPoint design, usable in multiple business/industries. Whether it is a new project proposal or routine organizational meeting. It is a creative and powerful template which includes infographic, editable charts and more.

An 8-slide Free Infographic Flat PowerPoint Template has a wide variety of sophisticated infographics. The main slide has trendy business-relevant icons with cool silhouette of side face. There are circles with number to add discussion topics of the presentation. The timeline template has an organize and clean design of yearly milestones. Whereas, the world map gives an impressive survey/research view with the help of PowerPoint icons and connectors. There are two data drive chart slides, with visually interactive graphics and images. Furthermore, an innovative stair shape is an extraordinary way to demonstrate 4-step process diagram.

If you want to illustrate how your product beats its competitors, this is a great way to do so. Using a simple compare-contrast infographic can illustrate the differences and similarities quickly and efficiently, all in an appealing package. This works especially well if you focus on an objective view of both products, looking at the facts.

If you want to engage employees, why not create an infographic on your corporate culture for them to enjoy? This infographic idea allows you to give others the opportunity to see how your company works, and can be a great way to attract attention.

Sometimes the best way to sell a product is by proving how content other customers are. In this case, a mixed chart infographic works best; you can include charts on consumer satisfaction with your product, provide images of content customers, and add text to explain what your product does and why it works so well.

Infographics can be indispensable for teachers, especially for students who are easily distracted or bored. Adding a visual element can help keep students focused by giving them something else to look at; moreover, they have a greater chance of retaining the information. Some infographic ideas include:

Much like traditional businesses, non-profits can use infographics to draw attention to their cause. Creative visuals are likely to make browsers do a double take, and even more likely to convince them to examine what your work is all about. Suggestions include:

Not everyone knows of practical ways to help others or where to donate money, so creating a guide can be one of the best resources you can offer. Posting an infographic that lists ways or places to donate can increase the amount of people willing to help, big time.

A fun way to look at how marketing has changed would be to visualize what was popular in different eras. Both entertaining and useful, this type of infographic can help you understand how marketing has evolved, giving you the opportunity to potentially predict new marketing trends. Moreover, it makes for an interesting read for other viewers.

For students who want to find something a bit more interesting, infographics are amazing tools and can enliven a presentation or report. They can also be wonderful study tools and resources. Some infographic ideas:

Whether in high school or college, preparing a portfolio for future jobs is generally a good idea. Why not add some creative flair by including an infographic resume? This infographic idea highlights your creativity and personality, while still keeping a professional appearance and helping you stand out from the crowd.

We all have those subjects that we struggle with. Since images can help increase retention, why not create an infographic to help you study? This can work great with literary classics, where you can break down individual elements, as well as with other subjects.


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