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a counterterrorism expert, wayne madsen, calls these cyberattacks, which he terms electronic attacks or wet cyberattacks, very serious and should be viewed as a form of war, and goes on to add: their use in the future should be seriously considered, because their effectiveness, speed, and precision could make them an effective tool in future conflicts.[38] think of it as guerrilla warfare in the air. these attacks take place over a range of several months, and can be repeated at any time and under any conditions without any fear of detection, and with the ability to penetrate deep into the most guarded sectors of state institutions. the skills and techniques of attack are the same as those used in the real world of war, except for the added benefits of anonymity. to succeed in such attacks, of course, it is not necessary to use the most sophisticated technology. it suffices to adopt the tools of ordinary people, as is the case with the technology of antiterrorist organization, the m15.

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as they are fundamentally nonviolent in nature, their main weapons are the printed word and the internet. the net has a unique advantage over the printed page, which is its ability to reach the general public. by contrast, the elite control the mass media and thus, to a great extent, the information which reaches the public. it is the mass media which enables the authorities to conduct surveillance on anyone. in this circumstance, the internet, and especially the web, which is unrestricted by territorial or national boundaries, becomes a priceless asset to the activists. by dint of the internet, the activists are able to communicate with each other, and with the public, in a way that the state cannot readily monitor or understand. moreover, the internet connects all nations and people. it brings into being a global village, and it is used to create an alternative view of the world. the state is disturbed to the core. it is also forced to confront the reality that the majority of the worlds population, at least in the developed countries, has moved into cyberspace. in this context, it cannot control the virtual world at all.


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