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[S1E7] A Brown Thanksgiving

Meanwhile, Roberta and Federline decide to have a thanksgiving of their own. While Donna is skeptical of the idea, Auntie Momma convinces her into allowing Roberta to have Thanksgiving with her boyfriend. While they make out by a river, two hobos steal Federline's car. Roberta and Federline eventually find the car at a soup kitchen, but Filthy Nick plays a magic trick on Federline that he always had his car keys. At the soup kitchen, seeing all the families make Roberta realize how she should be with her family on this holiday. Afterwards, Roberta and Federline are teleported back home by Nick.

[S1E7] A Brown Thanksgiving

She is a coach in Kennedy High, she has collar length light brown/red(?) hair. She is first seen coming out of the gym and appears to be sarcastic when she tells Alexa that she " to get kids' hopes up and then knock them out." She is portrayed by Jenica Bergere.

She is a female student in Kennedy High with wavy brown hair. She is first seen with Mackenzie and Jenna gossiping about who has cancer by the staircase. She says that Kelly Blitt probably has cancer. Rachel is also speculated to have cancer by a boy in the gym because she rejected him. She is portrayed by Lindsay Caschak.

She is a female student in Kennedy High with straight dark brown shoulder length hair. She is first seen gossiping with Mackenzie and Rachel about who has cancer and suggests that Alisha Brown has cancer. She is portrayed by Elainey Bass.

Two unknown young characters are labelled as boy #1. However, this male student of Kennedy High is first seen in Basketball. He has black hair and messy fringe that sweeps over to the left side of his head, touching his ear. He wears a black squared frame glasses with a white t-shirt and a red jacket unzipped. He has dark grey jeans and black shoes with brown soles. He is sitting beside his friend during Katie's school practice and Alexa overhears him suggesting that Rachel probably has cancer because she rejected him. He is portrayed by Aidan Laprete Powell.

He is a young male who has no line and isn't acknowledge by Alexa or Katie either. He can only be seen at the start of ungroundable right before Alexa and Katie sits. He is the young man on the left with a blue shirt and straight dark brown hair that is styled upwards. He is seen talking to another female. He is portrayed by Jack Coghlan. 041b061a72


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