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Download Problem in Nikke Goddess of Victory: How to Prevent and Solve It

We love this game. It has an interesting and fun play style, and the character designs are really good. The only problem is, the game tends to be very buggy. One major example of this is every time their is a patch update, we try to download it and am promptly kicked from the app. This usually happens five or six times, before we have to send like and hour and a half waiting for the latch update to load. The patches arent even usually that big, and its definitely not our WiFi, because we have no trouble with Genshin patches. This has been going on for two or three updates, and has still not been fixed. As such, it makes playing the game rather difficult, which is why we gave it such a low rating. EDIT: THE UPDATE BUG HAS BEEN FIXED! THANK YOU!!!

nikke goddess of victory download problem


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