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i'm currently renting a qip-7100-2, im seeing i can buy it on ebay. Can i use that instead of renting? i also see the Commscope IPC4100 and the Commscope VMS4100 for sale if i want to switch to fios tv one. what are the differences between fios tv one and the one i currently have?

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After your new router is set up and working, put an ethernet cable into a LAN port of your router, and into the Wan port of a verizon actiontec It should be a verizon fios router Verizon FIOS Actiontec MI424WR Rev. I The rev I is gigabit and still supported on the verizon system

So if i replace the fios router with the dream machine pro. BTW my ont is already ethernet to my fios router. I can release the ip address and then hook the Dream machine right to the ont to be used as secure gateway. i can then just plug the fios router into the dream machine and only connect the coax for the TV portion. I am also using Tivo and that gets guide and its stuff from ethernet already but it requires the coax to get tv content. I think this will work. 041b061a72


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