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Enhance Your Flight Simulator Experience with ENB Series (FSX Ultra Realistic).exe

well, i haven't done much with it yet. i was just thinking on saturday about the "magic" to the rendering. dxgi stands for directx graphics interface which is the standard interface for directx in the windows world. well the you have to have dxgi/direct2d/direct3d interface (i think direct2d is only for d3d9) and if you don't have it, then the software won't work right. now i didn't really test for this but i suspect that you have the interface for dxgi. why? well dxgi is a microsoft term for the hardware accelerated drawing functions so you probably don't need to be worrying about directx for xna because the processing is not hardware accelerated (actually from my reading of it, xna support in windows is still in beta and still not compatible with all cards even when windows support for xna is finished). well, this part of the software is what i've been looking at when i've checked out "images" there are some "tutorials" there (yes, you can download it for free from microsoft) but it is pretty basic. so why am i complaining about it? because i don't know enough about the program to know what i don't know. for example, i don't know the software well enough to check out the readme, or to even play with it and see what settings i can get out of it. i even have a windows box with a directx video card (but my video card is a poor quality dedicated for gaming only, so i don't have much confidence in the hardware) and i can't even get it to play a quicktime movie (well, i did but i had to do it from the command line). so i think you probably can't use it as yet. if someone could help me figure out what it could do i'd appreciate it. i'll have to check this out later.

ENB Series (FSX Ultra Realistic).exe


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