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the findings throw a lot of light on how unimportant to the organisation is teacher preparation. first, that they cannot rely on the teaching of sport administration as the starting point for creating their teaching practices. second, that there is no single approach to how to teach se that is universally applicable. the more the focus is on the analysis and description of the teacher as a producer, the more effective and important the teaching of se becomes. in addition, teachers can be so caught up in trying to achieve a particular effect that they drop all other considerations and become estranged from the practice of teaching.

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so, it looks as if a significant minority of students could not sing. the standard of both the technical quality of the music recording and the students singing ability would appear to be adequate given the title. however, some of the publishers may think differently. in any case, my conclusion that the young people and even the glee contestants are capable of enjoying a well-tuned song is clearly not the only opinion. anyway, on to some research.

evaluating the effectiveness of a music program for education might be easier if the music were taken out of the equation. so, one thing the researchers did is to randomly assign students to two groups. students in the control group were asked to not listen to music but were allowed to use their headphones for other activities. students in the experimental group were asked to listen to the same songs over a three-month period. both groups had to take exams at the end of the three-month period. the results were pretty much what the researchers had expected. during the three-month period, the students in the experimental group were better on the exams than the students in the control group. why? because, the researchers suggest, the students in the experimental group thought about how to study in new ways.


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