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Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy

Gabriela Barbosa de Araujo


Gabriela Thatcher

I am from Brazil and I have been working with kids since 2007. I am a preschool teacher in Brazil and I have 16 certificates in the field of education. In 2020 I opened Gaby’s Daycare which is just a beginning of my dream because when you do what you love, you go above and beyond to share that love.


In our bilingual school, we celebrate cultural diversity and language proficiency. Through engaging classes like circle time, gardening, culinary exploration, petting zoo visits, water days, music, yoga, sign language, field trip strolls, crafting, and book time, we are committed to developing affective, social, cognitive, motor, and language skills in both languages. Our mission is to create a nurturing and inclusive environment where bilingualism is embraced, fostering well-rounded growth and a love for learning in every child.


Gaby’s Daycare Curriculum Letters

  • Numbers

  • Shapes

  • Colors

  • Cutting

  • Coloring

  • Drawing

  • Gluing

  • Sharing

  • Cooperation

  • Taking turns

  • Transitioning from one activity to another

  • Calendar, including the seasons and months of the year

  • Physical activity like running, jumping, skipping, hopping on one foot, and using playground equipment and balls

How is it implemented?

Specific activities, such as circle time, song time, calendar time, active play time, story time, and craft time

  • Transitional periods that exist between activities like learning how to walk in a line with peers and how to clean up toys and supplies

  • Classes like art, music, sign and music, yoga and PE.

The importance of play     

  • Form friendships

  • Take turns

  • Learn how to cooperate

  • Try out different ways of problem-solving

  • Use their imaginations

  • Think creatively

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